The Living Fiber

A unique cocktail of modern Western design with traditional Eastern art 

Designed by nature to survive the harshest climates on earth

Limited Edition Christmas Gift Collection

No Dye, No Chemical 

CHF 129 Only

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Ultimate softness and all the warmth of the Himalaya in less than 80g. 

The finest Pashmina hairs grow on a Cashmere goat only when it is exposed to the harshest winters of the Ladakh plateau. We transform these finest fibers into ultra-light stoles. Our Cloud selection is a tribute to the tough life of Ladakhi nomads who face harsh winters without any of the modern comforts of life to provide us with the finest Cashmere.  



True beauty needs no makeup. No dyes are used in this collection. Meticulously selected and sorted according to subtle differences in the natural colors present in the goat hairs, Pure collection is available in various natural shades of white and brown.      



Experience the feeling of wrapping your neck and shoulders in one of our Pashmina stole. Chose from our selection of designs and colours and make your stole the must-have accessory of your garderobe.

Available in many beautiful shades and designs, our stole selection represent best of Kashmiri Handicraft.


Crafted For You

Imagine a perfect gift with personalisation such as embroidery, choice of your colour or special packaging.  The Living Fiber will make it possible.

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